RUE PIGALLE     Original Drama Pilot

In 1930s Paris, on the seedy streets of Montmartre, a group of musicians, mobsters and misfits desperately cling to their slice of utopia as they battle against the forces of change, contending with the global depression and the ever-encroaching war.

Humanitas Drama Fellowship Finalist (2018), Moving Picture Institute Pilot Workshop (2018), IFP No Borders Finalist (2017), Nantucket Film Festival: Showtime Tony Cox Finalist (2017), Screencraft Pilot Launch Semifinalist (2016), American Zoetrope Quarterfinalist (2017), Women in Film/The Black List Episodic Lab Shortlist (2017), Sundance Episodic Lab Second Round (2016), Austin Film Festival Second Round (2016)

CAMBRIA  Original Drama Pilot

A first-time band director returns to her high school alma mater to lead the fledging Cambria High Marching Band and restore it to its former glory amid the hyper-competitive Atlanta black marching band scene.

MACRO/The Black List Episodic Lab Second Round (2018)

dusk dark  Feature Screenplay

Death and inheritance bring together Celia and her estranged cousin Tabitha, igniting a folkloric journey of reconciliation and self-discovery as they unearth the memories and mysteries of their family heritage.  

Sundance Screenwriting Lab Second Round (2017)


TRAPEZE  Original Drama Pilot

In 1870, a circus owner and his business partner shepherd their bohemian family of performers and freaks coast to coast on America's new Transatlantic Railroad. Existing on the fringes of society, their nomadic community is both a fantasy and farce where each has their role to play.

Sundance Episodic Lab Second Round (2017)


ACTING OUT    Original Comedy Pilot 

A soap opera diva seeks the services of a new-age guru after her public breakup sparks an identity crisis.

Humanitas Fellowship Nominee (2016), World Series of Screenwriting Bronze Prize Winner (2016)
GO Independent International Film Festival Official Selection (2016)


ZERO AND THE BREAKAWAYS   Feature Screenplay

Devastated by hearing loss and enveloped in a world of indiscernible noise, a cochlear implant user embarks upon a journey to rehear the music she once loved, and reclaim the life she once knew.

Tribeca Sloan Filmmaker Fund Finalist (2017), Sundance Sloan Commissioning Grant Second Round (2016)